Within minutes of the first session I saw the little one uncurl in the
water, a look of puzzlement replaced by a sweet smile and a small giggle.
Micro movements saw her adjusting to the water constantly firing up her
neural pathways. As she floated around the warm pool under the watchful
eye of Laura she seemed content in the water enjoying her surroundings.
The Spa room is warm and bright little pictures on the side drew her eye.
After a turn of around fifteen minutes, Laura removed the boppy, and held
the little one in the water, and I was gratified to see the bear relaxing
in her arms.

At Laura’s suggestion, she had a small feed, before her massage. The soft
movements relaxing her after her hard work in the pool, the tummy massage
easing her troubled little tummy.

Within minutes of leaving the baby spa, she was asleep and slept through
the afternoon, (a normally near on impossible feat). Most nights since she
has slept well. The most notable improvement has been her progress with
time on her tummy. Where once Tummy Time was a painful few minutes, she’s
built up enough strength to hold her head up and enjoy her time on her
We’re regulars now. I had originally looked into the Spa early in my
pregnancy, and liked the idea of acclimatising the little bear to water at
an early age. That was before I became acquainted with reflux, colic,
crying at tummy time, and a bit of a ehm congested bowel movement (yes,
I’m a first time mum)! The sessions seem to have helped soothe her.
There have been sessions where I’ve brought a grumbling bear to the spa,
where she’s been less responsive. Christina and Laura have taken her
objections in their stride and soothed her, a fact that I’ve been
grateful. I’m new enough to parenting to break into a sweat when the
little one seems inconsolable, to be surrounded by experienced kind people
who don’t look at you with disdain for not being able to stop your three
month old baby crying is almost as gratifying as watching her enjoy the
blossoming self awareness that Laura and her team coax out of her.