We’ve found that as our BabySpa family and community has grown we’ve got more events, ideas and tips to share – so we’re launching a weekly blog.

Our blog will keep you posted on regular events, share insights and tips on getting your babies and kids swimming, and give you a place to connect with other BabySpa families and provide feedback to the BabySpa team.

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Do you share your baby’s pics online? You aren’t alone – a recent study showed that most babies now appear on social media in under an hour from birth, on average 57.9 minutes!

The most popular platform for displaying these first baby images was Facebook followed by Instagram and Flickr

Which is your favorite social network to share your baby pics?

We love to see photos of BabySpa babies – please share your precious pics using the hashtag #babyspa when you share them on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram or Pinterest.

Thanks for reading everyone! We hope all our Baby Spa baby’s are doing well and will be back with our next blog post next week.


Laura and the BabySpa Team

Link to article with stats