It’s a fantastic concept. I feel privileged to have my son take part in it – Liam really loves it.

Laura MarkowitzConsultant

For me as a mother, it is wonderful to see my daughter explore and enjoy movement so much. I think there is great value for children to experience this.

Delphine OlivierPhysiotherapist

I loved how you showed me to how to support his head so that he can float on his own. He loves the freedom.

Fiona Scheder-BierchinGP and Clinical Psychologist

This is an activity for the baby. The baby actively participates. Most baby activities are really quite passive.

Molly Gartland

There is such an advantage to getting baby used to water early on. He kicks around so it seems to make him more aware with what he can do with his body.

Catherine MawmanAccountant

Apart from the fact that my twin daughters love it, it strengthens and affords them more opportunity to exercise while I relax.

Nicolette JoubertAttorney

Thanks for the wonderful experience!

KarenMedia Specialist

Your baby spa was like a ray of light to me in a time which seemed to be surrounded by a lot of darkness.

The birth of my first child was supposed to be an amazing and beautiful experience, one which was suppose to bring so much joy and happiness yet having a little baby suffer from colic shattered all those expectations. The sleepless nights, the crying… I felt so alone and helpless. I went from nurse to doctor to chiropractor yet nothing seemed to help calm this fretful little being and my nerves were in shreds.

A friend told me about your baby spa and I decided to give it a try. From the minute I walked into your treatment room a sense of calm came over me and my little one. Little Jamie absolutely adored the spa, the movement and pressure of the water soothed his sore tummy and helped the trapped gas to escape. The massage afterwards calmed and comforted him and I could finally start to marvel at the beauty of my new baby. He started sleeping better during the day as well as the night.

Not only was it great for little Jamie but I got to meet mums who were in the same position as me! I stopped feeling so alone and this was a real turning point for me as a mother. I really looked forward to our spa sessions as it provided me with a great support structure.

As he got older I noticed how excited he would get when he would realised that we were on our way to swimming.

Jamie is almost three now and absolutely loves swimming! Thanks to the Baby spa and the swimming program that Laura has developed he was able to breathe by himself in the pool by the age of 20 months! He swims like a little fish and will always find comfort in the water due to the great introduction that he had at the baby spa!

Laura, your baby spa truly is a blessing! You have helped me more than you will ever know.

Karen Barnard

Dru was born is water and half a day later was back in the warm serene environment he was used to for so many months. He was immediately calmed and relaxed in the Baby Spa and would bounce up and down with glee at times.

What a lovely welcome into this world. Ever since then he has been drawn to water in any shape and form. He demonstrated so powerfully the cleansing, calming, rejuvenating and healing properties of water.

Christina Guberman

Thank you so much for been such an amazing part of Leila’s first year. Your baby spa was a real sanctuary for me in the early day’s with Leila. When I first came to your spa, Leila was about 2 months old, and I was home alone with her most of the time.

I really looked forward to coming to your warm, scented space where I could relax with gentle music playing while Leila was doing something meaningful. The swim and the massage were so good for her, and I know that she will carry that experience somewhere in her memory always.

Once Leila was older, the lessons progressed, and she loves the water. I hope there will be space for her in the pool again soon.

Jenny Sandler

After being able to pass stools easily from birth, at around the age of 4 weeks she started having to exert incredible pressure to pass very soft stools. The paediatric surgeon our paediatrician referred us to examined her and asked for X rays which showed that she had a spasm in her anal muscle that led to her inability to pass even the softest stool, as well as her extreme discomfort caused by gas retention.

He scheduled a surgical procedure to enlarge her sphincter and ease the spasm for the following week. He originally wanted to perform the surgery the following day but we asked for an extra week in the hope that the problem would disappear as quickly as it had appeared.

Quite by chance, the day after this consultation, I took Billie for her first visit to Laura’s baby spa. From the moment we entered the room she was blissfully happy and calm. She took to the flotation immediately and savoured the massage. In the early hours of the following morning we were delighted to wake up to a very dirty nappy.

The visit to Laura’s baby spa had cured the problem and the paediatrician and surgeon were astounded when we told them!

Caryn Goodman-Myers

Thank you so much for giving us this wonderful opportunity of having Arna experience something so new and yet so innate and instinctive to all babies!

Arna is a very happy  baby but even at the young age of 3 months she is initially sceptical of new situations. Hence I was completely taken by surprise at her instantaneous feeling of being absolutely comfortable and at ease in the water right from the second she was dipped in!

The hydrotherapy at your babyspa Is one of our favourite activities. Cannot wait to bring her next week!

Shipra AgrawalPsychologist

Going to the Baby Spa was one of the highlights of my maternity leave. The Baby Spa provided the most incredible calm, relaxing and nurturing environment for my daughter to start exploring the water.

My daughter was born six weeks early and was very small so the warmth of the Baby Spa was perfect for her. From the very first visit she was captivated by the sensation of floating. Over the weeks she gained more confidence to start moving in the water and her little face was so happy.

Her time in the water gave her real freedom, which a newborn baby does not have out of water. The staff at the Baby Spa are very professional and the interest in the babies and their development really added to the experience.

I cannot recommend the Baby Spa highly enough.

Jess MooreObstetrician