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Announcing our Pre-Swim Programme

Due to the phenomenal success reported by parents and swimming teachers, of the confidence and enjoyment that babies from the Baby Spa have shown, we have decided to formally introduce a Pre-Swim Programme for you and your baby (Highly recommended for babies born early).

Commencing from 4 weeks of age and running for a period of 3 months, your baby will gain the benefit of being able to hone their innate swimming reflexes and develop that essential confidence in a safe, hygienic and nurturing environment in preparation for swimming lessons.

Your new born baby will be in an individual pod of purified water before vaccination, then from 8 weeks babies will swim in a larger pool together.

During this programme you, will be trained in baby massage after each water class.

The duration of each class is 1 hour. Attendance once a week is a prerequisite and twice a week is optional. All courses must be pre-booked well in advance, as spaces are limited.

How to book a course: Phone 020 7937 3747 or email

What to bring: swim nappies and a bottle if your baby is on formula.