Based on a lifetime of working with children, Laura Sevenus has created the world’s first Baby Spa – a safe, relaxed environment where your baby can develop and be well prepared for a lifetime of adventures in the water.

The first few weeks and months you spend with your baby are an exciting and exhausting time. Every day is filled with new sensory experiences.

As babies get to know their parents and the world around them, the Baby Spa is a place where they can be calmed, grow in confidence and build on critical skills and abilities.

Our hydrotherapy sessions (for babies as young as 2 days) provide a structured, yet natural sensory experience that supports brain and physical development and helps build an even stronger bond between parent and child.

Water activities strengthen muscles, bone structure and ultimately movement and help increase determination as they progress.

It is important that children get an opportunity to build their confidence in water as early as possible. We provide a sanctuary for this to happen from birth to six months.