Here is a lovely introduction to this great  startup children’s lifestyle company based in London.

Their aim is as simple as it is passionate – to create a stylish and unique online shopping experience with an eco approach at its heart. Their website is an emporium of organically produced children’s fashion, toys and lifestyle accessories, all hand picked for their unique character and quality craftsmanship.  Let’s hear what they have to say…

“Here at Fancy Kids we understand the importance of building relationships with other like minded people and businesses as we progress with our own exciting journey. This has been true from the very beginning as we sought to work with designers who have developed their brands with the same ethical guidelines as our own, through working with organic materials and taking care to ensure they follow the environmental friendly standards set by the organisations representing their respective industries.

Our attitude towards this aspect of our brand isn’t just in relation to the designers we source however, as we are consistently looking to support other exciting businesses who follow a model similar to ours. Recently we were delighted to come in to contact with the wonderful Baby Spa, a company based in South Kensington whose name reflects their exact raison d’être; they have opened the world’s first official baby spa.

Grounded by the most recent research in postnatal growth studies, the Spa’s hydrotherapy and dynamic movement allow babies as young as two days old to quietly explore their muscles’ strength, and gently form their bone structure. This is an incredibly dynamic and forward-thinking approach to supporting the development of newborn and very young babies, and we commend the fantastic Baby Spa team for their wonderful work in this area.

We at Fancy Kids are fully aware of how quickly young babies are growing, as it is reflected in the amount of different clothes sizes we import and deliver often for children only within two years of each other. This is why we are extremely proud of our association with Baby Spa as they seek to benefit babies’ muscular and skeletal strength, breathing patterns, and even improve the quality of their sleep all through the aid of water floatation and massage techniques.

By providing equipment that optimises babies’ relaxation and wellness, Baby Spa share a particularly similar ethos to Fancy Kids in this way. Whilst they employ water and relaxation techniques, we ensure that all the designers we source create their products with only the most comfortable, organic materials which guarantee the babies and young children wearing them will feel great and be able to move around happily as they go about their day, and progress with their natural development.

Our focus on organically produced products and eco friendly business is so important to us. We believe there’s a unique level of care, creativity and character that goes into producing stylish, organic pieces. And it’s that ethos and awareness that we try our very best to pass onto our customers. From experimenting with new materials to using only recyclable packaging, we champion all ethical processes from start to finish.

If you believe in our own identity and approach as the Fancy Kids brand, then please do visit us at http://www.fancykids.com and for your exclusive 15% discount please quote babyspa –

Love Fancy Kids Team”