This month the clocks go back by an hour and if you’’ve got a baby who’’s already an early waker, the thought of them getting up at 6am instead of 7am [or worse] could already be giving you sleepless nights.

You’ve worked very hard to get your baby sleeping through the night but the fact is that many babies are naturally early risers and for this group, the time change can have a huge impact.

Why not follow these simple steps to help you and your little one adjust easily!!!


Before the time change, start to put your baby to bed 15 minutes later than usual, increasing by 15 minutes every night until they are going to sleep about an hour later than their normal bed time.
Don’t worry if at first they still wake at the same time in the morning; it often takes a few days for a new sleep pattern to establish itself.
Keep to the same napping frequency but not necessarily the same times. i.e if your child usually wakes at 7am and naps at 10am and 2pm, put them down again around 3 hours after having woken up in the morning and after waking from the naps.

The clocks go back in the early hours of Sunday morning. During the day before, allow your baby to have an energetic day which includes lots of fresh air and exercise.
Parents should go to bed early and one of you be prepared to get up if your child is ready to start the day at 6am.
Don’t force your baby to remain in the cot if they have had their usual amount of sleep and are looking wide awake.