Each visit includes therapeutic flotation and infant massage instruction.

Water Flotation

Each visit beings with a 10 to 30 minute immersion in a neonatal pod or larger unit, depending on the age of your baby. Your little one is supported by the BUBBY®, a patented flotation device and as a result, is able to move freely in water, unaffected by gravity, as he/she experiments with and develops a range of movements. When we recognise signals that your baby is ready to come out of the water, the Bubby is removed and your baby will be floated with gentle support before being wrapped in warm, soft towels.

All Baby Spa water is purified by a reverse osmosis system and is heated to the appropriate temperature according to age in weeks.

Baby Massage

Once your baby is out of the water, he/she will be treated to a gentle massage by you or if you prefer – a professional demonstration where you are able to learn infant massage techniques.


One visit is of benefit but the more you attend, the more your baby will be able to derive benefits as he/she builds on what has been learnt before, as memory develops with the ability to predict. Routine and continuity are always beneficial.