Bath-time can be a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be! It can be a great chance for your baby to learn new activities, have fun and relax at the same time.

At Baby Spa we introduce your little one to the water and try to make it as pleasurable as possible. You can’t come to us every day, but you can bring the experience home with you, by incorporating these 10 tips for a better bath-time…

  • Get your after-bath essentials sorted first, have lotion or baby oil ready, jammies, towel – ready to go before you start, so no rushing around after.
  • Set the stage, consider turning on some soothing music at a low level.
  • Think about the temperature. Not too hot but a warm 35- 37 degrees is perfect, check it with temperature gauge. Your baby shouldn’t be too hungry, a little feed should do.
  • Warm your baby’s towel by putting it over the radiator or wrapping it in a hot water bottle.
  • The bath should be deep enough so that your baby’s body is completely covered by the warm water.
  • Be relaxed and smile, why not tell your baby a story or have a sing along? Babies love nothing more than the comfort of their parent’s voice.
  • Hold your baby securely but lightly, making sure that his* face stays away from the water even if he rolls his head.
  • Before removing your baby from the bath, allow him to rest over your hand and arm, and pour some water over the back of his head.
  • Once out, cuddle your baby in the warm towel and gently rock and squeeze his body dry.
  • After a bath is the perfect time to treat your little one to a massage to help him sleep.

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*For the sake of convenience we have used the male gender and for no other reason at all.